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We created KREDD because we wanted creators to be able to connect with brands - and get paid for their craft.

We all know (and love/hate/both) influencer culture. But there’s a whole world of creators who want to spend their time creating vs. building their own platform. That’s where KREDD comes in.

KREDD allows for brands to connect with reliable creators to get diversified, high-performing, credible content for a fraction of agency prices. We pay our creators a high margin for the content they create, and we only work with creators we’d trust to create for our own business.


Use cost-effective content on your own socials or paid ads

No usage rights, no image rights, no copyrights

Pay for content, and not for reach

Get access to a database of UGC/CGC content creators across niches such as sustainability, fitness, beauty and so on

Don’t fuss with briefs, contracts, and payments with creators

Diversify your content strategy

Increase the ROI of your social media budget


No need to buy into influencer culture to get paid
Make money for your craft: making great content
No need to pitch your work to clients- we find them for you
No need to handle payment or contracts with clients - we do that for you
Build up your portfolio
Join a community of creators
Have a reliable partner in building your business

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